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Shelley Cornish


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Painting to me is mark making, it’s emotional, its how I feel if I am to describe myself in paint.

Its not what you paint but how you paint it.  Painting has to move me emotionally, close up and from a distance.  I need to be mesmerised by the application of it.

It must have a presence and a strength over and above the image it creates.


Patterns and layering, thick here and thin there, colour, balance and contrast are elements indicative of my personality and character, and so to in my work.


I have a long-standing fascination with colour and patterns and I like to play with these elements in a way that feels intuitive. 


I’ve not had traditional formal training and subsequently my natural style with mark making, that is loose and organic has been developing.  This process feels like letting go, a reactionary response to the paint and patterns that seem to create themselves.


I’m attracted to many things, the immediacy and temporariness of street art with its dribbles and edge affects achievable only with spray cans and the likes.

The chunkiness and impression of permanence through impasto.

The mesmerising and reoccurring affect of patterns.

Layering, that shows fearlessness and bravery of the artist to keep applying, and then

Knowing when to stop.


I am fascinating with people, their expressions, posture, their personalities and faces.

I love to paint women with their fashions, colour, curves and movement.